4×4 Off Road Truck


The Extreme 4×4 Off-Road Truck is a hobby grade, remote control truck that offers exciting off-road driving action. With its off-road tires and shock system, the 4×4 Off Road is designed for other terrain in addition to pavement. Drive 2 4×4 trucks at one time!

First in Class … Ready to Drive


Front and rear shocks with struts


Off-Road Tires

4×4 Off Road Product Features

  • Speeds up to 18 MPH
  • Drive time up to 10 minutes
  • Charge time up to 4 hours
  • Drive distance up to 200′
  • Calibration trim control
  • Off road tires
  • Rechargeable 7.2V battery
  • Charge 7.2V from A/C charger