Flying Robotic UFO

Flying Robotic UFO

The Flying Robotic remote control UFO is a propeller system that is fully enclosed in a protective cage made from high grade flex-plastic. The cage allows for flights to be uninterrupted by contact with walls or solid objects. When a traditional RC helicopter flies into a wall, the propellers stop moving, causing the helicopter to fall to the ground. The Flying Robotic UFO protects the blades allowing them to remain spinning even in the event of a crash, allowing the operator to recover the flight. Fly up 3 at one time.

Flying Robotic RC UFO


First in Class … Ready to Fly

Flying RC UFO Search Light

Built-in search light

UFO Precision Control

Precision Trim Control

F1 Product Features

  • Flight time up to 10 minutes
  • Flight distance up to 40′
  • Charge time up to 60 minutes
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-Poly battery
  • Built-in search light
  • Charge helicopter from USB wire or R/C